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The Shamanic Arts Center's volunteers document and preserve shamanic practices using film, audio and video interviews, articles, and person to person presentations for teaching and research.

Ritual Preservation Project

Creating Traveling Shamans Camp

Shamanic Tools & Supplies

Shamanic rituals are documented by volunteers with film, interview videos, articles and artwork for preservation and exchange.

Contact us to volunteer to present or talk about rituals and how your culture uses them.

Traveling Shamans Camp is an annual festival camp for traveling shamans, visionary artists, healers, wisdom teachers, and the shaman curious on the North Fork  of the Gunnison River in Colorado.  This gathering has traditionally featured a vendors hall with shamanic tools, readers, and an open mic stage and the main stage featuring entertainment.

Many of our members create tools, supplies to offer to the public to facilitate better ceremonies.  If you would like to offer your hand-made items at our shop, join us today.

The Shamanic Arts Center and receives a 25% commission on items consigned to the shop. 

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